Beat the Crowd – When is the Best Time to Get a Car Wash?


Choosing the right time to get your car washed is more an art than a science. The goal is to beat the crowd so you don’t have to wait in line. Going to a car wash when it’s not busy allows you more time to get your car cleaned faster, while also helping you get back to doing things that matter the most. Our experts have put together a helpful guide for you to pick the perfect time to use a car wash service.


1. Weekdays are Better

Most people have typical 9-5 jobs, this forces them to save all the errands until the weekend. Because everyone is out and about on the weekends, places like the supermarket or car wash are packed with long lines.

If you need a car wash, we recommend going during the week (Monday through Friday, preferably). There will always be fewer people around, as most people are trying to get home or are still at work. Although it’s tedious and all we want to do is go home, an automated car wash can save us the extra time, freeing up the weekend.


2. Nights and Mornings

Night time and early morning are also ideal times for car washes. Most car washes open early and close late, or have 24-hour business hours, meaning you can go whenever you please. Cross a few things off your to-do list, go to the gym, make dinner, spend time with your loved ones, then head over to your trusted car wash and clean your car.


3. Take a Well-Deserved Break

If your company or job is a little more flexible, then you have a lot of freedom of choosing when to go to a car wash. For example, there is never a crowd at 2:45 pm on a Tuesday. If you can get out of work for a little bit at a non-standard time then you can really beat those lines. Most people actually enjoy washing their cars or watching them go through a full-service car wash. Just remember, it can be a nice break on a particularly stressful day!


4. Depending on the Season

The final thing, you’ll want to consider is the impact of the season. When it is freezing cold, you may be less than tempted to go to the car wash. Likewise, different weather conditions can greatly impact the effects of your car wash. For example, if it’s too windy, then sand and dust will stick to the surface of your freshly washed vehicle. Likewise, sunny days will cause dry streaks and make it difficult to apply wax. With each season, you’ll have to work a little around the weather to ensure the best car wash possible.

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Ensuring the Best Car Wash Service For You

If you want to keep your car shiny, then there’s no better way to do it than by regularly washing your car. Follow these great tips and you’ll be sure to beat the crowds so you can always ride in a clean machine without having to wait in long lines.

If you wondering where to find a self-service car wash near me, then be sure to head to one of our nearby locations. We have state-of-the-art technology, free vacuums and environmentally-friendly equipment to ensure your car will always look its best!